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COLONEL RED’s foray into the music industry began when Epic Record company giant Sylvia Rhone signed the then lead singer, Nikki Romillie, of Pride n’ Politix, to Atlantic Records. An accompanying publishing deal with Warner Bros. established the artiste, now known as Colonel Red, as one of the UK’s top cutting edge singer/songwriters.
Fast forward to 2015, any lover of music, book & film will love the new album
by COLONEL RED 'Palace Full Of Miracles' due for release 15.04.2015 on the Ink Rebellion label.
This Neo Soul Rock offering, reads inspiring & socially conscious from cover to cover, its filmic qualities make it a great sounding album to listen to as well as possessing a powerful visual presence; visualizing every song.
Palace Full of Miracles explores the rhythm & poetry of life, totally contagious, hinging on tension both musically & actually, every note, lyric, hook & ad-lib has meaning, no periphery, only bare potency.
COLONEL RED for the past few years has been making a clear departure from being a highly featured vocal artiste, appearing on all the latest & greatest,.from the West London Neo soul scene to the worldwide music scene all over.During the turn of the Millennium through till 2011 Redz purged himself as a broken soul don of this era.
Still, 2012 saw a shift in Redz creative direction. With his debut release on the 'Ink Rebellion' label! the highly acclaimed album, 'Redlight' , entirely self produced, see's Redz now become the poetic architect, tapping into all aspects of his musical roots fusing an evocative uber-rhythmic groove with sublime & meaningful lyrics, all woven together by passionate vocal performances, defining what can only be described as COLONEL RED's very own British Urban Soul Rock.
'Life in the Middle' has no place for me,' 'say's Redz'!,  'my heritage being born to a black father & a white mother  had a huge impact on me growing up as a child & still does right through to this very day as an artiste. The way I look at life & my place in the world, all stems from this point & the values I have come to place upon music, which now fuels a greater good.
My belief  that music  contains great healing powers inspires me no end to give my best & in doing so, receive the best in return. I try to reach as many people as humanly possible with the same inspiration that inspires me.'
Life, love, philosophy & control are amongst the many topics expressed on COLONEL RED's latest studio long player, although musically influenced by an assortment of Soul Experimental Predecessor's 'Palace Full of Miracles' is raw, enchanting, timeless & stands alone; once you listen you will surely be touched by its magic.
"Independence is key to any kind of real present & future in a creative business" Redz explains,..'the music industry has changed and is still changing rapidly, there's no place for run catch up?. This change we are experiencing is aggressive and will leave you behind, so my advice is to act on your instincts & stay true to your reasons for playing in such a sport.'
Ink Rebellion, creative portal for all new & bonified COLONEL RED releases!, born out of necessity in 2012, together with co-director 'Clio S. Anderaz' to realign the creative path & direction for the artist, as opposed to an outside entity. First comes inspiration, then comes creation, once creation is complete, then comes the question,.. what ,who next? what label can we approach? who can we get to believe in my/our music enough to do a great job with it!? In this case, Ink Rebellion was & is the answer to this common question,..to market, promote and sell such a unique product of music & art takes belief of a kind, to spend the time & money necessary to reach as many people as humanly possible with this particular product takes dedication & understanding! Ink Rebellion offers all the above, explains Redz, and still there's more!!?! for if you are not devoted to something worth loosing sleep over & counting the small victories as well as the larger ones! then you're simply going through the motions & possibly compromising your ability to achieve true success! Ink Rebellion stands for devotion to a cause and the refusal to compromise a truth; in this case the truth is sharing the originality of COLONEL RED music with his audience.

Spring of 2014 saw the release of the 'Redlight' album.
Redz has worked with and written for, such artists as, Maurice White,
Lenny White, Alex Acuna, Amp Fiddler, Keith Sweat, Teddy Pendegrass
Anita Baker, Jerry Hey & the Seawind Orchestra, Shara Nelson, Lisa Lisa &
the Cult Jam, Sandra St Victor, IG Culture, Bugz in the Attic, Ursual Rucker, Tony Allen, Jon Hassel, Dwight Trible, The Last Poets, Brian Jackson & many more soul legends.
Redz has been and will be performing tours & live dates in the
USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Greece,
Spain, Italy, UK, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria,
Belgium, Poland, Canada, Indonesia.

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